It’s not me, it’s them

Trump wants us to believe that all of his accusers are liars.  So says Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Most impressive, she said it with a straight face.

Sanders wants us to believe that the same smarmy scumbag who bragged about popping a tictac and grabbing a woman by her crotch would never disrespect a woman. After, all, he’s only a serial philanderer with multiple ex-wives.

In fairness, Sanders isn’t all that bright and essentially bereft of moral principle but it’s possible she’s confused. Trump has now begun to hint that the tapes, which he acknowledged and for which he apologized, are fakes.



Presidential Etiquette

The NY Times Editorial Board has done a magnificent job of assembling all of the new “must have” skills for POTUS. It appears Cheeto-Satan has mastered all of them.

Mid-term elections are coming up. Let’s send all of them packing.


Please drain the swamp!

The great and glorious reality TV-star, serial con-artist, business failure, and bully President Donald J Trump ran a campaign promising a new way of government, bring in the best and brightest, drain the swamp…

Hold on, I know you’ll be shocked, he lied. He’s not draining. He’s not got sufficient insight to know that he’s just changing nasty swamp water for different nasty swamp water. Let’s take a look at the most recent public display of governmental hubris.

Tom Price. This millionaire, doctor-turned-politician, is a poster-child for all of the critters in the swamp that need to be removed. Simultaneously, he’s a poster child for much of what’s wrong with modern medicine (but that a different column). Price began treating the military as his personal charter fleet and also began using private charter aircraft to get himself and his wife around. Fortunately he resigned before he heard POTUS say “you’re fired.” Trump seemed less concerned over the actual abuses (and ongoing swamp-like behavior) than the appearance.

See here, here, here, here, and here.

If you can’t drain, dissemble.

It’s almost cliche now to note that POTUS is minimally competent, that he lacks direction, that he’s generally a fool and buffoon. But this week has been spectacularly bed. At a time when there’s massive devastation to US territories from monumental storms he’s more concerned with:

  1. excoriating professional athletes (not sure why this should be governmental let alone a presidential concern)
  2. engaging in an ongoing Tweet war with with a 3rd-world despot who is just another intellectual pigmy (ironically Kim and Trump seem to be emotionally and intellectually made for each other).
  3. and taking cheap shots are local government affected by storms.

I know we all keep hoping for some form of presidential behavior from POTUS. But I think we’re all just going to be disappointed.

Tom Price- frequent flyer

POTUS campaigned with a promise to “drain the swamp.” We all knew it was more hot air from a pathological liar with tiny little fingers and the only drainage would be from his genitals. It appears that POTUS has instead been replacing the swamp water.

Tom Price is above commercial air travel. Price thinks he’s still a doctor and it’s OK to jet around and make unnecessary appearances at worthless meetings. No doubt he’s also making the connections he’ll need when it all melts down and he’s forced to find a “real” job.

They fucking hate him…

There’s a lot of things I have to worry about each day. I have not been able to come up with a single reason why someone else’s sexuality, or gender identification, or genetics or sexual practices between consenting adults should be  on my list of stuff to care about.

Don’t misunderstand, those are not concerns of mine. The systematic deprivation of rights because of those issues is a concern for me. The past 18 months, the Trump era of renewed bigoted hate, has made the rights of all Americans a concern for all Americans.

Despite the fact that Trumps claims no understanding of the current state of American bigotry. But he’s almost certainly emboldened these right-wing nut-job hate groups. Trump has systematically divided Americans (see also here). When “Donnie” had the opportunity to offer a path forward he chose instead to not that there’s some good Nazis.

Everyone know Trump is a thin-skinned bigoted, narrow-minded, egotistical, moron (he might be the only high school graduate I know who brags he’s never read a book). He’s also a bully and a coward. But it appears that everyone is beginning to hate  Trump now. Not contempt. Not just dislike, hate. As one site phrased it they “fucking hate him“. He deserves it and it’s about time.

President for Hate

Just when I think the juvenile delinquent at 166 Pennsylvania Ave cannot stoop lower he surprises me. I had very low expectations that he’d rise to the occasion and condemn the senseless violence in Charlottesville. He did not disappoint.

I’m very pleased to find corporate America sticking to belief in principles of decency. Kenneth Frazier a prominent CEO was the first to respond publicly. He, very publicly resigned from the President’s American Manufacturing Council. Apparently it took Trump only minutes to launch the standard ad hominem attack against Frazier and begin dissembling, again. Trump tweeted out:

Now that Ken Frazier of Merck Pharma has resigned from President’s Manufacturing Council, he will have more time to LOWER RIPOFF DRUG PRICES!

Kevin Plank, the founder of Under Armour and Brian Krzanich, the Intel chief executive followed suit. Plank and Krzanich were spared the Trump tantrum experience.

Care to guess which one is Frazier? Maybe Trump was slow to condemn the “alt right” because the “alt right” can also pick out Frazier.

Trumps behavior is simply reprehensible. His beliefs an anachronism of modern American values. I applaud Frazier, Plank, and Krzanich for taking a stand. They’ll get my money.